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Gina LeDuc-Kuntz


50 Sewall Street
Portland, ME 04102

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My journey into real estate began at the age of four when my parents began their own real estate company in Topsham, Maine. My first real estate memories surround rehabbing an old shoe shop building on 54 Maine Street in Topsham my parents purchased to convert into their new real estate office. All of us kids were recruited to help. My task was simple; putty the many nail holes to ready the old walls for new, fresh paint.

My mother and father were a real estate team. Quickly, LeDuc Reality grew into a hub of real estate activity and even our family home played a key role in the business'' day-to--day functions. Real estate did not start at 9:00am and turn off at 5:00pm. Instead, real estate existed as an all day, every day, and pursuit. Our family home was not even off limits to "the business." Before the days of answering machines, answering services and emails the phone nearly "rang off the hook" in our house. By the age of ten, I had already learned to handle calls and inquiries from sellers, buyers, agents and prospective tenants understanding which calls required immediate escalation to either the handling agent or my parents.

As a young teen, helping my father with the property management tasks he preferred to delegate: lawn moving, painting and cleaning, was a typical weekend activity.

As an older teen I spent countless hours with my mother at our kitchen table pouring over the "ad book;" my mother''s low tech system for tracking the ad cycle and determining ads to be pulled and new ads to be pushed. Here, at my mother''s side, my literary and marketing skills were conceived as we sipped warm cups of tea searching for the perfect house selling adjectives and adverbs.

I deepened my literary skills at Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont where I studied and earned my bachelor''s degree in Russian literature and music. During college breaks, I returned to Maine working at Merrymeeting Multiple Listing Services editing and preparing listing data to run in the weekly listing book for local agents.

After college, I soon developed a passion surrounding issues impacting Maine fishing communities. While staying at home with my young children, I had the opportunity to work on research projects undertaken by